Finance & Accounting

Streamline processes for improved efficiency to maintain timeliness and accuracy



Financial Reporting & Analysis

The skills needed to interpret and discuss business performance in a comprehensive and efficient manner are more powerful and imperative in today’s business climate than ever before. Starkmont Financial is well equipped to guide organizations through these challenges via our deep knowledge and expertise in finance.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting or financial forensics includes applying distinctive expertise and investigative skills found in CPAs to gather, analyze, and asses financial information and to decipher and communicate findings to ensure the organization is compliant with regulations.

Tax Compliance

Starkmont Financial’s Transaction Tax Compliance service removes the burden of time consuming, manual tax preparation and filing, enabling clients to focus on tax strategy and research. We constantly practice due diligence, staying updated on federal and state tax laws to ensure accuracy and timeliness. By providing workpapers that are easy to review and reconcile to G/L accounts, Starkmont Financial simplifies tax compliance processes that can otherwise seem complicated.

Our SErvice Suites


Accounting and finance tend to raise complicated scenarios that require integration of human capital and technology for proper resolution. With increasing needs for technological advancements and the constantly amending accounting standards, it has become vastly important to keep with the changing times.

Organizations may face setbacks potentially attributable to a lack of staff or expertise; Starkmont Financial’s accounting services can help overcome these obstacles by providing consultants that will maintain and elevate financial reporting procedures. Our consultants’ experiences have equipped them with an ample set of technical skills, knowledge, and experience with FinTech and accounting, which we leverage to offer a wide range of professionals to meet every need. We will tailor strategies and implementation for each individual enterprise, whether their need is to meet a deadline, couple or decouple financial data due to a merger or divestiture, create procedures, or even to create an accounting department from scratch.

 Some of our services include:

•  General Ledger and Consolidation Accounting

•  Accounting process review and improvement

•  Technical accounting – documentation and implementation of procedures

•  Financial data merging and unmerging due to mergers or divestitures

•  Development of reporting packages

•  Coordination and planning of financial audits

•  Preparation of consolidated financial statements

•  Improvements and close duties monthly

•  Internal control policy and procedures creation, review, and documentation

•  Assessment of Risk

•  SOX Compliance

•  Internal Audit

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