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At Starkmont, we understand the importance of a good transaction. We know that you need to beat the competition to the punch, but we also know that you can't afford to sacrifice quality. That's why we offer comprehensive due diligence and merger support services to help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful outcome.

ERP Implementation

One of the more expensive aspects of the merger is the integration of ERPs between the two organizations. ERPs are essential for a business striving to be efficient and profitable, allowing for the sharing of data and information between all business verticals. ERPs streamline the every day business processes, allowing the business to delegate vital resources elsewhere.


Identifying divestment strategies to improve company value

Our SErvice Suites


Expanding businesses often employ M&A strategies for horizontal or vertical integration. It helps develop economies of scale and/or scope, reduce costs, improve product value, lessen competition, and gain access to talent from the acquired or merging companies. However, this assumes that the merging parties or the acquired company meets up to expectations and that the M&A goes as planned. Bad deals can hemorrhage cash and other resources, leading to eventual divestitures and a deteriorated financial profile to bargain with. Without due diligence and sufficient knowledge, M&A’s can become a potential corporate nightmare.

With accurate research and application, companies can overcome M&A risks and instead reap the benefits of healthy corporate growth. As a part of the evaluation process, it is imperative to perform cross-sectional analysis within respective industries and making relative determinations. Other evaluations include performing DuPont analysis, SWOT analysis, and Porter’s Five Forces analysis and calculating key financial indicators including but not limited to, P/E ratios, DCF (discounted cash flows), market shares, and EV/Sales ratios.

Starkmont Financial provides due diligence in research and analysis of M&A’s that fully investigates every material detail. With a clear understanding and background experience in multiple industries and with various companies, we have the expertise to clarify complicated M&A processes. Some material considerations we make in our strategy include industry potential, competitor analyses, long-term prospects, and compatibilities/synergies. With an emphasis on maximizing returns for your shareholders, Starkmont Financial will provide uniquely tailored guidance for M&A strategies.

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